Best Tips and Tricks to Win Viking Quest

Coin Master – created by Moon Active – is offering a great opportunity by creating events for the community that leads to great rewards. The Viking Quest is one of the greatest and most popular events in Coin Master game. Playing and researching about this event will give you a great opportunity to gather free spins and coins, XP, pet potions, food, and also a great rare golden card from the collection.

Viking Quest is among the most anticipated events since it attracts lots of exciting benefits with itself. And as an extra bonus, the coins that you acquire at the event are going to be free for just three minutes, exactly like a ghost manner, where you've got the benefit of not becoming looted by an in-game buddy for a short time. We would like to mention that the minimum village level requirement to play Viking Quest in Coin Master is level 50+.

How to easily win Viking Quest in Coin Master?

So hang with us to research all Viking Quest hints and tricks we’ve gathered for you.

1. Take it slow in the beginning.

Viking Quest is an exciting event that pops a billion coins within a player and that’s not the only thing but many other bonuses.

But, to acquire countless coins in the Viking Quest, you should possess billions of coins piled on your own. Then only you’ll have the ability to receive some achievement from the Viking Quest.

As soon as you’ve got coins around 5-7 billion in your account, then your set to go. We’ve discussed some tips and techniques for the Viking pursuit which helps to acquire more Coins and other exciting prizes.

Play easily in the beginning since this will allow you to win coins until the storm comes. Collect the coins out of the first five bonus wheels since on level 6 is where the true quest begins.

2. Bring your Bet Back & Forth while playing on Viking Quest

You need to wager carefully throughout the event period. Betting liberally throughout the event will cost you dropping your coins rather than winning them. We offer you some tips to get over this:

When you get to level 6, consider betting together with the lowest amount first and after the initial twist, increase your bet.

For instance:

If you’re gambling with the 3,000,000 coins, then you should increase your wager to the 10,000,000 coins. You should also do 10 spins to win amazing rewards. Following that, raise your bet to the maximum amount to perform 10 spins with this. If you follow this technique, you’ll acquire many exciting and big rewards.

After doing this, raise your bet to the maximum amount to perform 10 spins with this.

You will surely acquire many exciting and big rewards by following this technique.

3. Bonus Wheel & Slot Machine Trick for Viking Quest

We are giving you another great method to win Viking Quest. If your always betting, not having any fantastic outcome, then we’ve got some tips and secrets which you may use to find a fantastic outcome.

This suggestion has worked for several players among time, but we can't vow this will work 100% since the Coin Master algorithm keeps shifting during a year. Despite this, we highly recommend you try these Coin Master Viking tricks.

Therefore, if you are not getting any fantastic outcome after often betting in Coin Master, the trick is to visit the slot machine and use a 1 spin and come back to the bonus wheel.

After you win a few bonuses, increase your bet to the highest possible and begin spinning. This method will surely give you big wins after one or two spins.

We would like to know how these Viking quest tricks worked for you. Leave a comment if you have any questions related to Coin Master Viking Quest Tips & Tricks.

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