How Do I Use Coin Master Ghost Mode?

Have you heard about “Ghost Mode” in Coin Master? If you want to supercharge your experience to a professional level, Ghost Mode offers you the chance to make your account “invisible” to other players on the platform.

Ghost Mode is another excellent feature of Coin Master developed by the Coin Master community, and it’s not an official add-on. However, the Coin Master pros know that there’s plenty of handy developer add-ons to help you get more out of the game.

Free Pet Food and Coin Master Free Spins are examples of additional features you can add to the game, and Ghost Mode offers you another useful tool to enhance your gaming experience.

Let’s unpack everything you need to know about Ghost Mode on Coin Master.

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What is Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

The Coin Master development team doesn’t recognize Ghost Mode as an official add-on for the game. However, that doesn’t stop millions of players worldwide from using it when they access the platform.

With Ghost Mode activated on Coin Master, it’s like turning on an in-game VPN. Your account disappears from prying eyes on the platform, essentially making you “invisible” while you play. No one can track what you’re doing in the game or what you win.

What are the Advantages of Ghost Mode for Coin Master?

Don’t you hate it when you’re saving coins for your next project, and someone plunders your loot? That’s hours of work down the drain and plenty of effort. Unfortunately, it’s often people you know in the game that end up raiding you for all your coin.

With Ghost Mode activated on your Coin Master profile, you essentially pull yourself off the grid in the game, and no one else on the platform can see you. You can carry on your hoarding tasks for your campaign, out of view of the rest of the community playing the game.

With Ghost Mode, you can put the worry of someone raiding you out of your mind, reducing your in-game stress level. Focus on your tasks without the concern of another player violating your security.

How Do I Activate Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

Complete the following steps to activate Ghost Mode on Coin Master.

  • Close your Coin Master game.
  • Open your Facebook app.
  • Navigate to settings in your Facebook account.
  • In the settings menu, tap the app icon for Coin Master.
  • Click on the “log in with Facebook” button.
  • Remove Coin Master by selecting the app and click on the remove button.
  • Reopen Coin Master.
  • Use guest mode when prompted to log in.

You can also activate Ghost Mode while playing Coin Master on PC.

That’s it; now you can enjoy playing the game without the fear of someone raiding your village. After activating Ghost Mode, you’ll see your friends on your friend’s list, but they can’t see you. It’s important to note that if you attempt to interact with your friends, Coin Master will kick you out of Ghost Mode.

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