How to get Coin Master Free Cards? [Complete GUIDE]

A game component that makes Coin Master even more interesting and exciting are Cards feature.

 If you’d like to get into the leaderboard and compete with your friends you will need a lot of coin master rare cards or golden cards. This is a complete guide that will show you how to get coin master free cards.

You can collect cards as they are component from Coin Master game. Cards are collectible elements, like the villages in this game.

Want to get some free Coin Master rare cards or some gold cards in coin master? Then you arrived in the right place!

Before sharing with you the methods for free cards, we would like to inform you about what are Coin master golden cards & what can you do with them.

What are Golden Cards in Coin Master?

Golden Cards in Coin Master are the cards you require to complete your card collection before moving on further with the gameplay.

The best thing is that these rare cards are not used only for completing card collection but for receiving extra bonuses too, which sounds great! These bonuses can give you Coin master free spins, coins, pet food, boom levels, or other cards that you might need.

Each card collection has it’s own category. Some of them are:

  • Japan
  • Halloween
  • Plants
  • Africa
  • Vikings

You can unlock more card categories by advancing your Village level.

How to get Coin Master Free Rare Cards? | SpinoMaster

They are called Rare Cards for a reason – there is a low chance to get these kinds of cards in Coin Master, because of their special nature – but never say never! We listed you a few ways that will teach you to get these rare cards for free:

1. Trade chests in coin master

You should try trading with other Coin Master members from the community or get them gifted for you. I think this is the easiest and greatest method because you can get a lot of chests and with some luck, you will get the golden cards you desire. This only depends on your social activity.

2. Buy Some Chests in Coin Master

If you consider yourself a lucky person, good news for you! You can buy chests but you have to have a good amount of self-confidence as rare cards are not so easy to get even from these chests.

You can try buying chests in every Village you own and the chances will increase and maybe you will hit the jackpot and get the desired rare cards you hunt!

There are three types of Chests available to buy:

  • Wooden Chest
  • Golden Chest
  • Magical Chest

You can read more about these types of Chests here.

How to get free Coin Master Golden Cards?

Golden Cards aren’t so hard to achieve as rare cards. There are many ways that you will find out below on how you can get gold cards in Coin Master for free.

1. Star Trick

The most common trick we use to get Golden Cards in Coin Master is by looking at the number of stars on the last card you received from a chest. So, if your card you just won has 1 or 2 stars, you should go with a Wooden Chest, if it has 3 stars then buy a Golden Chest and if it has 4 or 5 stars, definitely go with Magical Chest.

2. Village building

Another method we tried and worked successfully is in the way we build the village. When you reach a new village-level build all objects to 1 star. After building all of the objects, get back and buy chests until you get a golden card. After you earn one, build all objects to 2 stars and repeat the process. If you spend a lot of coins and don’t receive any golden card, this method may not suits you as it’s not compatible with everyone. This is an algorithm trick on Coin Master.

3. Trade Cards using Social Networks

The first thing that pops up in my mind is Facebook. Coin Master has a huge community of members on Facebook with warming people who will surely help you to receive your cards in exchange for your duplicated cards or also just as a gift for you.

We suggest you join the official Coin Master Trading Group and publish a post right now. You will surely get an answer soon and be satisfied with your new card.

This being said, join every Coin Master community you prefer on Facebook and start socializing with hard-core gamers!

4. Watch for Social Giveaways.

Even if there are many scams on the internet about Coin Master free cards, coins & spins, there are a few people who create real prize giveaways with golden cards and even rare cards in exchange for comment, like and maybe a share. Be aware of accessing links and never give your personal information in these giveaways like the card number.

The reason why everyone is scamming on Coin Master groups with free giveaways and promising “Free 1000 Spins” is that they will redirect you to a CPA (Click-Per-Action) page with a fake Coin Master generator that will make them tons of money because they will never send you the spins you are dreaming of. Be aware of the huge number of spins free offers, because Moon Active, the company behind the game, will surely not offer this huge amount of free Spins anytime soon.

5. Don’t forget about Buying Chests!

You should try buying some chests because this is one of the easiest & greatest methods. After raiding someone or making some nice amount of coins in Coin Master, you should definitely buy some chests if you are in hunting for Cards.

As I said before, chests come with extra bonuses and surprises so you won’t regret even if you don’t get your free cards.

6. Get Cards with Card Boom!

This is another great method because all you have to do is to wait for Card Boom, a limited-time event that happens often and increases the number of cards you get from a Chest by 50%. So save your money and blast your money on a bunch of chests!

7. Get the Daily Game Rewards

MoonActive provides Coin Master Daily card links for free which you can collect every day. You will surely get a beautiful card collection in a short time.

Note that every trick is tested by us but may not work for everyone. You should try all tricks and see which one suits you the best.

Thank you for reading our complete Guide on how to get free Coin Master cards. Leave a comment below with the experience you had with our shared methods.

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