How to get Free Pet Food in Coin Master?

Do you ever think of how to get more Coin Master free Pet Food? Then you landed on the right page. We are going to share with you the best tips & tricks that will lead you to a pleasurable experience while playing Coin Master.

Everyone should understand the importance of having pets but especially pet food. If you aren’t giving your pet some food they will eventually disappear, and that’s not very good for you.

You have to manage food for your pets in Coin Master to keep them alive. This is very important since they are a great source of increasing your coins so we are going to discuss here “How to get Free Pet Food in Coin Master”

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Get Coin Master Free Food for Pets

Obtaining Free Pet Food isn’t such a challenging task while playing Coin Master, so you don’t have to panic. It’s actually more time-consuming: so you have to be very patient to get some free food for your lovely pets.

If you want to be a master at Coin Master you should definitely take care of your pets and apply our tips & tricks from SpinoMaster.

There are three good ways to get Free Coin Master Pet Food:

  1. Use Slot Machine:

We think this is the simple way to get free pet food in Coin Master. All you have to do is to be patient and spin the machine until you receive the desirable pet food you are hunting for. Apart from that, you won’t only get free pet food while spinning, but also free Coin Master spins, cards, coins. You should start now using the slot machine in order to achieve some great rewards!

2. Daily Reward

If you play Coin Master everyday, and I bet you do, you shouldn’t be surprise that one day you will see that your bucket food is full. This tip is more about having luck, because there isn’t an actual way to win Coin Master pet food through daily reward. You just have to persistent and you will surely get what you deserve!

3. Check for SpinoMaster homepage everyday.

Another great way to receive free pet food in Coin Master is to check our daily links that will not only give you daily spins & coins but there are some special rewards some days and you don’t wanna miss them!

Extra: Buy Pet Food in-game.

We initially wanted to give you only free tips, but we should also mention that you can also pay with real money to get free Coin Master pet food from the in-game shop. With these purchases, you don’t have to worry or stress out anymore about your pet and you will also help the Moon Active developing company to sustain themselves, giving them some kind of respect for their work.

That’s all. Hope you discovered new tips & tricks to get free pet food in Coin master. Let’s continue and see the types of pets, how can you use them and a short guide on how to get all of them.

Coin Master: Types of Pets

Coin Master Pets are charming & lovely and have very good visuals. I just love how Moon Active team succeeded in designing these pets. These Pets come with some great abilities that you need to succeed in Coin Master. There are 3 types of pets in Coin Master:

  • Foxy:

A sweety fox as the name speaks for herself is the first pet you get when you start playing Coin Master. Foxy is a helpful pet when it comes to raids: having Foxy will increase your coins received in raids, as she will be your extra pit digger in Coin Master.

  • Tiger:

Like Foxy, he will give you a good advantage while playing Coin Master. He will come in hand right away while attacking villages. This way, you will get extra coins while attacking your opponents!

  • Rhino:

Unlike her pet friends, Rhino is the best at protecting your village from getting much damage! Rhino will surely help you to get minimal damage to your village. So, activate him when you want to take care of your coins!

We think Coin Master Pets knowledge will make your game experience even more beautiful so you don’t get bored after playing all day long.

What is Pet Food in Coin Master?

Coin Master Pet Food refers to snacks & food for your virtual game pets to carry out particular jobs. Like pets in real life, Coin Master pets also need the energy to take while they perform their actions.

If you don’t give pet food in Coin Master, they won’t help you during a raid, attack, or defending your village, so you won’t perform how you’d wish to in Coin Master. This being said, don’t forget to feed them constantly.

How to Use Coin Master Food?

If you want to give Food to your pets in Coin Master, there are some simple steps. You should go to the pet’s menu, select one of the pets you want and is hungry, then click on the feed option that is shown on your screen device.

You will see a cute animation of your pet is a lovely, charming, and happy animal again! Also, your pet will be ready to perform their jobs.

When to Feed your pets in Coin Master?

Your pet will consume energy for every task they carry out. It doesn’t matter if it’s about defending, attacking, or raiding, your pet will consume energy. Our recommendation is to feed your pet after every task performed, this way you can be sure he will always be healthy & ready to perform jobs at any moment.

That’s all Coin Master gamers! We hope you enjoyed our article. Leave us a comment and let us know how Coin Master Free Pet Food worked for you!

Coin Master Pets FAQ:

  • How can I get Foxy in Coin Master?

You can hatch Foxy in Coin Master after reaching Village level 4.

  • How do I get Tiger Pet in Coin Master?

The only way in order to achieve Tiger Pet in Coin Master is to complete Beast Card Collection.

Read more about how to get free Golden and Rare Cards here.

  • How can I hatch Rhino in Coin Master?

Rhino is available as soon as you complete Creatures Card Collection in Coin Master.

  • How can I know if I received a new Coin Master pet?

When a new pet is offered, you obtain a message to check the pets section in Coin master and click the egg.

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