How to Play Coin Master Like a Pro? [2021]

If you enjoy playing Coin Master and getting unlimited rewards and full features, we invite you to read this full guide that will teach you about how to play coin master like a pro. If you have used slot machines in the past or gambling alike games, we are totally sure you will enjoy playing Coin Master either on your mobile device or your Windows/Mac computer.

Coin Master is a mobile video game developed by Moon Active to assist gamers searching for weapons, shields, and coins that they can win in the online video game. You can develop your very own Viking town by utilizing these items. Even if you are looking for some time passing games or a great game experience, we think this is the game you’re searching for!

We are sharing with you everything you should know when playing Coin Master.

What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a casual mobile game developed for Android & iOS application stores and it’s completely free. Even though is free to play some in-app purchases have to be done to achieve more features.

Coin Master exploded the Google Store and App Store when it was launched in 2016, making it one of the top-grossing games in many popular countries around the whole world. The community is a friendly one & don’t harass people in social gatherings.

The company Moon Active generates more money than popular games like PUBG from in-app purchases, but that happens for a reason: people love to continuously play without having to wait for free rewards!

The game is perfectly suitable for kids but you have to be sure they won’t spend too much time playing this amazing game as it simulates real gambling games and can lead them into a slot machines more advanced world.

Let’s get back to our main topic and let’s learn how to play coin master like a pro.

How to Play Coin Master Like a Pro?

The first thing when you download Coin Master is to question everything you see. The main purpose of Coin Master is to build villages completely by using in-game coins and proceed to further village levels.

As I said, you need coins to build parts of villages in Coin Master, and as you advance further, you will need more and more every higher village level. Our first main goal is to teach you how to benefit from millions of coins and how to use them wisely.

When you create a new account, there will be some free spins and coins waiting for you right away. These will help you to build your first village levels but there isn’t much time until you spend them all.

The most important feature of this game is the „ Slot Machine”. It has a very great visual design and it looks a lot like a real slot machine.

The only way to progress in Coin Master is by using Slot Machine. Just swipe down on the game screen and it will pop up.  You are going to be rewarded with free spins when using Slot Machine for the first time but when you run out of spins, the game will automatically give you 5 spins per hour.

That means if you want to get more spins you’ll have to wait an hour before receiving more. But keep calm, there are also many great ways of receiving free spins that we’re going to talk about in this guide.

The rewards you will get from the Spin Machine are the following:

  • Coins

This is the Coin Master virtual currency that you need in order to grow villages and discover new lands.

  • Shields

You can use game shields to protect yourself from your enemies attacks.

  • Raid

Use this to loot on people in order to steal lots of coins from your friends.

  • Attacks

The ability that you have to attack people in Coin Master and get some more coins.

  • Extra Spins

This will give your bar extra spins.

Coin Master also comes with great features and elements. Here are the most known:

  1. Village Building

After the Slot Machine, we consider Village building the second most important element in Coin Master. This is the place where you are going to spend your earned coins. You need to use your coins to buy different items in your village. The necessity is to constantly upgrade & advance your villages to be a great Master Coin.

As you have seen in war strategy games like XCOM 2 & Civilization VI, Coin Master gives you a bit of taste of war by giving you features as village building & raiding.

2. Raiding

When you spin the Slot Machine in Coin Master and get the chance to raid other people, this is great for you since you will loot all their coins.

3. Strategy

The gameplay of Coin Master depending on a basic strategy. All you have to do is spin, win and destroy your opponents. If you want your village to remain safe, you must have at least one pet and the number of maximum shields.

4. Characters

Coin Master Game comes with a large variety of characters. The characters are changing at every village level.  They can be warriors, witches, animals, kings, and much more.

The first character you will meet when you start playing Coin Master for the first time is the pig that is used as a tutorial for you.

5. Coins & Stars

As we mentioned earlier, coins are the virtual currency in Coin Master. You can use coins to purchase different items like chests. You can also get a big amount of coins by completing a set of cards, raiding, spins, and also daily game rewards.

The star is used to set the rank a player has in Coin Master. They are collectible items that you achieve while advancing further in-game.

6. Pets

Another outstanding element in Coin Master is pets. They are adorable creatures that help you to win much more coins, shields, and also free spins.

The three pets from Coin Master are Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. They can level up by obtaining food for themselves and increasing their experience points called XP.

Just like you feed your real pets, these pets also need proper food. You can read more about how to get Coin Master free pet food here.

How to avoid a Coin Master village attack

Now that you earned a great number of free spins and coins with the methods shared above, you don’t want someone to come into your village and steal everything for you.

There are two ways to protect yourself from the attacks:

  • Activate Ghost Mode.

This is a trick to avoid revengeful persons attacking you. We have written here a detailed article that shows you how to activate ghost mode in Coin Master.

  • Build the whole village at once.

Before you consider upgrading your latest village, think you will be attacked again if you don’t make it right. Instead of thinking about this, you need to gather more coins & spins, and when you think you have enough to build the whole village at once, start expanding it.

This way, when someone choose to make you a visit, they will have nothing to see but an empty land.

That’s all. Use this guide to become a coin master pro player. If you want to find out more tips & tricks to avoid attacks, win free spins & coins, shields and free food & XP for pets check out our articles.

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