How to Play Coin Master on PC, Laptop and Mac?

Coin Master dominates the App Store and Google Play Store nowadays. The popularity of the game increases every day in all nations worldwide. The only unfortunate thing this game comes with is the incapability to play it on Windows and macOS devices.

One popular question that pops around Coin Master community is: Can I play coin master on PC? And the answer is definitely yes. We found out a few methods so you can play Coin Master for PC while you are doing other activities on your computer – so no more switches between your smartphone and PC!

Download Coin Master for PC, Laptop or Mac

Unfortunately, Moon Active, the company that created the game, hasn’t come with any official way for downloading Coin Master For PC. We managed to find out some tricky ways for you!

Note that these methods are safe and they won’t harm any of your devices.
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Method 1: Play Coin Master using MEmu App Player.

If you haven’t heard about Android Emulators, these are great for playing mobile games as it imitates Android OS features into your PC or Mac. How cool is that, right?

MEmu Emulator is one of the greatest solutions in 2021 to play Coin Master since its interface is very smooth, clean, and easy to configure. Besides this, you can save your phone battery life and avoid extensive gaming heat.


  • Control the game using a keyboard, mouse
  • Flexible customization
  • Free to Download

How can I play Coin Master using MEmu Emulator?

1: Download MEmu Emulator from their official website by clicking the big “Download” button.

2: Open the downloaded .exe file and install the software.

3: Open the app and log-in into Google Play Store and search for “Coin Master” game.

4: Download the game and install it.

5: After the game is installed, click on Coin Master icon to start the app.

The only bad thing about this Emulator is that it doesn’t support Mac devices.

That’s all fellow gamers! Now you can easily play Coin Master and many of your favorite games on a big screen and have a greater experience.

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Method 2: Play Coin Master ON NoxPlayer.

Like MEmu App Player, NoxPlayer is a quick, glossy Android emulator for Windows but also Mac. If you would like to utilize NoxPlayer for playing Coin Master, you will be delighted to discover that you could use your preferred gamepad, and also you have the choice to carry out different Android features.

NoxPlayer is also smooth & visuals extensive. It is easy to download and install & simple to surf.


  • Compatible with gamepad
  • Not only for games
  • Recording Screen option

How can I play Coin Master using NoxPlayer?

1: Download NoxPlayer from their official website.

2: Open the downloaded .exe or .dmg file and install the software.

3: After logging in to Google Play Store search for “Coin Master” game.

4: Download and install the game.

5: After the game is installed, click on Coin Master icon & start playing!

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Method 3: Play Coin Master with Blue Stacks [Recommended]

We think Blue Stacks is the best and most known emulator available out now. There’s no question regarding the performance & functions that Blue Stacks provides.


  • Good quality interface
  • Reliable app
  • Free & Paid versions available

How can I play Coin Master with Blue Stacks?

1: Download Blue Stacks from the official website.

2: Open the .exe or .dmg file you downloaded in your computer and install Blue Stacks.

3: Open the application.

4: Log-in into Google Play Store and look for Coin Master.

5: After the game is installed, enjoy it!

Why should I play Coin Master on PC?

Playing on higher resolutions & screens may satisfy you better than playing on your smartphone. There are many advantages to play Coin Master on PC: less battery consumption on your smartphone, more graphics information, and a better view of coin master spins and coins.

The in-game details are looking stunning and colorful and that it’s noticeable in coin master villages, pets, settings menu & more.

Even if the most popular platform among Coin Master players is Android, we really think the emulators mentioned above are great methods to play Coin Master on your Windows & Mac device. From now on, you can play this game on every kind of device you’d like.

Please let us know about your gaming experience while playing Coin Master on PC in the comment section.

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