Top 10 Games Like Coin Master to Play [For Free]

If you are looking for some great games like Coin Master to play for free, then you landed on the right website. There are a lot of games to play like Coin Master that you will surely enjoy and become addicted to them.

If you want to play these games on your Android, iOS, or even on PC devices, we have a list with all these games reviewed for you to decide which one deserves your time or not.

You can read our guide on how to play Coin Master on PC here.

Best Similar Games of Coin Master

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We present you 10 games that will give you the Coin Master vibe, so read our article and enjoy all the Coin Master alternatives we found out for you:

1.Pirate Kings

If you wanted to play a game like Coin Master but with pirates, this is the best choice. Pirate Kings is a popular game developed by Jelly Button Games reaching 10+ million downloads and becoming one of the most popular games in many countries around the world. The main purposes of this game and the similarities with Coin Master are easy to discover. You have to gather revolves to get some gold, upgrading your beautiful island, attacking your opponents’ islands, and also stealing from other people. This is a casual and easy game you will learn in a few minutes of playing.

You can also collect Daily Pirate Kings free spins.

Pirate Kings also has a similar feature like Coin Master free spins where you can get daily links for free by hunting official social media pages or websites like SpinoMaster.

2.Pirate Coin Master

If you want to play another pirate game similar to Coin Master, Pirate Coin Master could become your second favorite game. Rich Pirates is an android casual game created by the South Koreans from CookApps. There are a lot of features & stuff similar to Coin Master and Pirate Kings.

The principal purpose of the game is to defeat your opponent’s islands, loot their treasures with collect and then collecting it and also building your own kingdom. The game comes with a variety of weapons that will help you reach your goals.

The comparison between Coin Master and this game is strongly connected. In Rich Pirates, you can also raid other people’s islands (instead of villages) and collect coins from them. You have to defend kingdoms like you attack people in Coin Master with the hammer, making you strongest & closest to the leaderboard.

Unfortunately, Rich Pirates is not available on iOS devices. You can play Rich Pirates on your PC by installing an Android Emulator like BlueStacks for free.

3.Boom Space

Another awesome game to play like Coin Master is Boom Space. This game involves lots of adventures and you can play it online with your friends. Boom Space also has a lot of similar features like Coin Master & Pirate Kings.

If you are used to Slot Machine In Coin Master, this game offers something similar to called magic wheel where you can collect gold and more rewards. Attacking other villages and collecting great bonuses and surprises will help you to proceed further in-game.

The game also offers a great feature to collect amazing pets that will help you to defend your villages from the enemies’ attack. To become a professional player, you will have to expand your villages. There is also a way to chat with your friends while playing Boom Space. Isn’t this great?

We recommend Boom Space as a similar game to Coin Master because of these great features we talked about earlier.

4.Piggy Boom

Piggy Boom is one of the greatest casual games available on Android devices developed by Aladin Interactive company from China. It has a great social community online and has lots of downloads on Google Play Store. We consider this game is similar to Coin Master because of the features like raiding cities, collecting golds, and winning amazing rewards.

The first time playing the game, you have to join a competition in which you have to collect some tickets. After that, you can go on adventures in different places – like Casino and start earning great rewards. You can also visit the kitchen and make tasty meals for yourself.

Hope you enjoyed and already tried some of these games. We are just at the half of our article so we hope you are still here with us because we have more games similar to Coin Master to share with you that you will surely enjoy playing.


The game is created by Playrix, the developer behind great titles like Fishdom and Gardenscapes. The game is free-to-play and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.  Unfortunately, the game is only available for Android users at the moment.

Gardenscapes has many twists you will discover throughout the game. The storyline of the game starts in a garden with a lot of characters that you will discover later.

The main task of the game is to build a garden from scratch to one garden everyone would be amazed at. This game has also an amazing dog with whom you can interact with playing this game. Not only this, but you can also play with your friends, an important feature like in Coin Master or Pirate Kings.

This is one of the most downloaded games on Android, having roughly 100+ million downloads and 10 million mostly positive reviews from people.

6.Pango Land

Pango Land is a perfect Android game for kids developed by Studio Pango. This game is based on cute little pets like squirrel, bunny, Pango & piggy. Every animal has its own house where they can invite friends to participate in different activities. We must mention this is a paid-app on Google Play Store.

Every day comes with new tasks for Pango Land players. Every player has to do a few tasks like cooking or decorating a Christmas Tree to win amazing rewards like golds & diamonds and other things.

7.Island King

Island King is a casual-game developed by Forever9 Games. This is also a free game available for Android and iOS devices.

Similar features like Coin Master in this game are attacking, spinning the wheel for rewards, and traveling through lots of unique villages. You can also collect cards and exchange them with online friends to complete the puzzle sets and receive amazing rewards.

8.Spin Voyage

Another amazing game on the list is Spin Voyage created by True Pilots. The way to become the master gold is to collect coins and build a great empire like in Coin Master. Unlock new villages now & attack your enemies to feel the true experience of this amazing game.

9.Coin Beach

This is another similar Coin Master game developed by Gold Axe. Coin Beach is available for Android and iOS and is perfect if you’re looking for more similar Coin Master and Pirate Kings games.

All you have to do is to attack, use the spin machine and build your empire while competing with your friends & enemies. You can also complete card sets and get millions of coins to experience all kinds of creatures from all over the world.

10.Coin Kingdom

The last game similar to Coin Master we are going to share with you is Coin Kingdom.

Attack and obtain enough coins to develop your kingdom. You also need to win shields to guard your kingdom against opponents trying to destroy you. Take vengeance on those that have assaulted your kingdom and take what is rightfully your own. Trade your jigsaw items with buddies to gather them all for a huge prize.

We consider these the best games if you want to experience similar gameplay from Coin Master or The Pirate Kings.

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